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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty.
Henry M. Robert

As a nationally recognized expert in parliamentary procedure, professional trainer, and motivational speaker, I can help your organization, team, or board become more productive and efficient.

I have assisted organizations all around the United States in parliamentary procedure; improving the effectiveness of their conventions, board meetings, and stockholder meetings. I help build strong teams that communicate effectively, by providing leadership training and mentoring skills, and serving as a professional speaker on a wide range of subjects.

I am very proud of the many partnerships my clients and I have developed over the years, and will be glad to work with you, helping you learn to empower your organization, team, or yourself to attain the goals you have established.

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Parilamentary Procedure Articles
Be sure to read my free articles on parliamentary procedure. I place new ones online periodically, so check back often! Below is a list of articles online right now, just click on a title.

Robert's Rules of Order 11th Edition The New Version of Robert's and Why You Should Care
The 11th edition of Robertҵles of Order Newly Revised was released at the 2011 National Association of Parliamentarianïnvention on September 23. If the bylaws of an organization state that the organizationడrliamentary authority is 襠current edition of⯢ert젴hen the 11th edition is now that organizationడrliamentary authority. Click here to read all about it & see what it means for your organization!
The Parliamentarians' Parliamentarian!
Nancy recently completed serving as the Parliamentarian for the National Association of Parliamentarians thus making her the parliamentarians’ parliamentarian! She was the first person to be selected for this prestigious position two times.

Nancy Sylvester has been quoted as a professional parliamentarian in the New York Times, and quoted as an expert on meetings in Successful Meetings Magazine and The Meeting Professional.

3M Meeting Management Team has recognized Nancy as an expert on meetings in their book Mastering Meetings: Discovering the Hidden Potential of Effective Business Meetings


Books By Nancy Sylvester Featured In The Bookstore . . .

guerilla guide

The Guerrilla Guide to Robert's Rules

For anyone who has ever had something important to say at their local school board or condo association meeting, only to be drowned out by others who knew how to take control of the meeting—or were just louder—this guide shows how anyone can get their thoughts and ideas heard and their agendas and proposals passed.

This book provides secrets, tips, and tricks to making the rules of Parliamentary procedure a personal secret weapon. With The Guerrilla Guide to Robert’s Rules, readers will learn all the ways to make their voice heard— fairly and ethically! Click here to get your copy!

The Complete Idiot's Guilde to Robert's Rules by Nancy Sylvester, Proffesional Parliamentarian Consultant

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Robert's Rules

The authority on how to effectively run a meeting. Perfect for the new president of a small group or the chairman of a large formal meeting, this guide explains everything from the ladder of motions to how to use Robert's Rules for any size or type of meeting. Expert parliamentarian Nancy Sylvester helps tailor the most popular form of parliamentary procedure today to meet any organization's needs. Includes sample minutes, a sample agenda, and a version of Robert's Rules for reference. Click here to get your copy!

Basics of Parliamentary Procedure

Basics of Parliamentary Procedure

Designed as a training/teaching tool for parliamentary procedure workshops as well as serve as a stand alone reference booklet. It was created to help simplify and make understandable the concepts
of parliamentary procedure. Only 10 pages in length, the booklet concisely and accurately summarizes the 750 pages of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.
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Handbook for Effective Meetings

Handbook for Effective Meetings

Designed to augment my training program in effective meetings as well as serve as a stand alone instrument to instruct purposeful meeting management. It has been quoted in Successful Meetings Magazine (August, 1993) as well as the book Mastering Meetings which is written by the 3M Meeting Management Team.
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