Clients, Credentials & Experience


Team/Leadership Consultant For:

ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Pfizer ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Cabela's
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)National City Bank ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Invensys Building Systems
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Eclipse ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Manitowoc Cranes, Inc.
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Structures ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Pacific Scientific
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Cadbury Adams ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Woods Equipment Company
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Woodward ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Deere and Company
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Process Control ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Spectus Systems, Inc
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Southern Imperial, Inc. ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Chrysler Corporation
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Hydro-Line Manufacturing Company ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Fel-Pro
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Powertrain ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Owens Corning
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)SwedishAmerican Health Systems ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)CharNor
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)City of Rockford ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Aqua Aerobics
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)General Mills ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Blacktop
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)William Charles ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Public Library
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Danaher Motion ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Waukesha Engine
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Ideal Industries ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)J.L. Clark

Strategic Planning Facilitator For . . .

ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Hydro-Line, Inc. ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Southern Imperial, Inc.
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)CharNor ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)The Testor Corporation
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)The Association for Women Veterinarians ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Independent Photo Imagers, Inc
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Area Arts Council ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Northern Illinois Hospice
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Business College ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)La Voz Latina
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Artists’ Ensemble Theatre

Current And/Or Past Parliamentary Consultant For . . .

ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Dairy Association And Dairy Council, New York ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)National Assistance League
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)United States Bowling Congress ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Quarter Horse Association
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Royal Neighbors of America ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Illinois Cheerleading Coaches Association
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Society of Retina Specialists ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Nurses Association
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes) American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Society of Women Accountants
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Information Systems Audit and Control Association
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes) Rockford Board of Realtors ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Illinois Association of Highway Engineers
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Private Industry Council ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Regional Chamber of Commerce
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Independent Accountants Association of Illinois ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)VietNow
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Winnebago County Board ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)United Way of Rock River Valley
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Polish American Congress ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)United We Stand America, Washington
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Society of Pain Management Nurses ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Region V of the National Association of Insurance Women
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)National Association of Insurance Women ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Girl Scouts of the USA
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)National League of Nursing ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Woman's Society of CPA's
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Council of Better Business Bureaus ylwbul.gif (109 bytes) National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc.
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Association of Nurse Anesthetists ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Nevada Association of Realtors
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)The Vitreous Society ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Municipal Clerks of Illinois
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Independent Photo Imagers ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Illinois Township Officials
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)National League of Cities ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)City of Rockford
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)International Institute of Municipal Clerks ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)American Bar Association
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Marriott Vacation Club ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)National Court Reporters Association
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Orthopedic Associates, Ltd. ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)United Church of Christ Illinois Conference
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Information Systems Audit and Control Association ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)North Suburban Library Association
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Rockford Area Economic Development Council ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Village of Machesney Park , IL
ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Regional Transportation Authority, Chicago , IL ylwbul.gif (109 bytes)Collier County Public Schools
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