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Team Building & Coaching Services: Board of Directors Trainer

Board of Directors Trainer

In this country we treat boardsmanship very similar to the way we treat parenting:  we assume if you know how to become one, you know how to be a good one.  Not so!

Actually, the very skills that probably helped you become selected to be on the board are the very skills that will prevent you from becoming a great board member.

As a Training Specialist focusing on Board Training, I can help your organization by training your board on conducting better board meetings, understanding the responsibility of the board membership, including the fiduciary responsibility, understanding the appropriate relationship between the board and the staff, and working as an effective board team.

I have been traveling throughout the country as a board trainer since the mid 90’s and have worked with boards of all sizes.  I would love the chance to help your board become more effective.

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You are always welcome to contact me if you have a need not addressed here or a question regarding my services.

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