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Call To Order: A regular meeting of the Association of Complete Idiots Board of Directors, was held in Convention City, Texas on November 13, 20XX. The meeting convened at 8:03 a.m., President P presiding, and Member I, secretary.

Members in Attendance: Member A, Member B, Member C, Member D, Member E, Member F, Member G, Member H, Member I, Member J, Member K, Member L, Member M, Member N, and Member P.

Members not in attendance: None, all members were in attendance.

  1. Pledge Of Allegiance And Inspiration President P lead the board in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States and then called on Member A for the inspiration.
  2. Introductions and Welcome—Timekeeper Plan President P welcomed the members to the Board of Directors and had each member introduce him- or herself. She then explained that there will be a timekeeper for this and all board meetings. The timekeeper will time each agenda item and each speaker at the call of the president.  The individual time limit is 3 minutes.
  3. Meeting Appointments          The President made the following appointments: Minutes Approval Committee: Member B, Chairman; Member C; and Member D. Tellers Committee: Member E, Chairman; Member F; and Member G.  Timekeeper: Member H.
  4. Report of President The President made the following appointment: Nonmember A as Parliamentarian, indicating that in that position she will be serving as an advisor to the Executive Committee, the Bylaws Committee, and the ACI Policies Committee.

    The President directed members to the board book where they will find the appointments made by the President to the standing and special committees. Those appointments have been approved by the Executive Committee. She also called attention to the board meeting dates and other important dates in the board book.

    President P also reviewed the process for the committee chairman and appointed positions to report to the president, which is also contained in the board book.
  5. Report of the Executive Committee   Member I, ACI Secretary, gave the report of the Executive Committee.
  6. Report of ACI Fundraiser Committee  Member J gave the report of the ACI Fundraiser Committee.
  7. Special Orders The President called for nominations for the two open positions on the Nominating Committee.  The following members were nominated:  Member A, Member C, Member D, and Member H.   

    The election was conducted by ballot vote. Member E, Chairman of the Tellers Committee, gave the report of that committee. There were 15 votes cast. The number necessary for election was 8.  Member A received 6 votes, Member C received 10 votes, Member D received 9 votes and Member H received 5 votes.  President P declared Member C and Member D elected to the Nominating Committee.  They will serve on that committee with the chairman and other two members who were just elected at the annual convention.  

    Member K, Finance Committee Chairman, presented the 20XX budget and on behalf of the finance committee, moved that the Board adopt the 20XX budget as presented in the board book.

    The President announced that the members of the Policies Committee will be Member L, Chairman; Member M, and Member N with Nonmember A, our parliamentarian, serving as advisor to the Committee.
  8. New Business There was no new business.
  9. Announcements President P reminded the members of the dates of the next board meeting.
  10. 10 Adjournment There was no further business to come before the Board, so President P adjourned the meeting at 12:32p.m.

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