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"Motion A" is pending


I move that the meeting adjourn.


Is there a second to the motion? [This statement is eliminated if a member calls out "second".]

2nd  member:

I second the motion.


It is moved and seconded that the meeting adjourn. This is not a debatable motion.

The question is on the adoption of the motion that we adjourn. This motion requires a majority vote.

All those in favor, say aye. [Pause for response]

All those opposed, say no.

The affirmative has it, the motion is adopted, and the meeting is adjourned. When we meet next week "Motion A" will be on the agenda under Unfinished Business.


The negative has it, the motion is defeated and we will not adjourn at this time. The motion before you is "Motion A". Is there any further discussion?

  • Needs a second
  • Is not debatable
  • Is not amendable
  • Needs a majority vote



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