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Parliamentary Procedure Resources: Glossary of Parliamentarian Terms

Parliamentary Procedure Resources: Glossary

There are many, many terms and definitions associated with Parmliamentary Procedure. Hopefully this glossary of terms will help you better understand Robert's Rules of Order, agendas, meeting minutes, motions, meeting rules and formats, and the parliamentary process.

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Parliamentary procedure terms on this page start with the letter "V". To view other terms select the letter below.

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vacancy vacate the chair vice chairman vice president
videoconference viva voce voice vote vote
vote by acclimation vote immediately voting by mail  

top of pagevacancy

An office or position which is unfilled or unoccupied.

top of pagevacate the chair

To temporarily relinquish the chair so that the presiding officer can participate in debate.

top of pagevice chairman

A member of the committee who is next in authority to the chairman.

top of pagevice president

A member of the organization who is next in authority to the president, unless the organization has a president-elect. The bylaws should list the duties and responsibilities of this position.

top of pagevideoconference

A meeting in which the members participate using video conferencing technology.

top of pageviva voce

A vote by voice.

top of pagevoice vote

A method of voting in which the members express their vote vocally. "All those in favor, say Aye.[pause] All those opposed, say No." (If the chair is in doubt of the results of a voice vote, the chair should state "The chair is in doubt, and therefore a rising[or counted]vote will be taken." Then proceed with a rising or counted vote.)

top of pagevote

A formal expression of will, opinion or choice by members of an assembly in regard to a matter submitted to it.

top of pagevote by acclimation

An election by unanimous consent.

top of pagevote immediately

The result of the adoption of the Previous Question motion. The members will immediately vote on the motion.

top of pagevoting by mail

Only when specifically authorized in the bylaws can an organization conduct a vote by mail. If there is a vote requirement or a quorum requirement, the ballot serves as the member being “present.” As electronic communication is becoming more and more popular, organizations are relying on e-mail as a method of casting mail ballots. Although there are some problems associated with ballots by e-mail, they are clearly a money and time-saving approach, especially for large national and international organizations.


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