Parliamentary Procedure Services

Parliamentary Procedure Services

I offer a wide range of Professional Parliamentary Procedure Services including acting as a Professional Parliamentarian, Consultant, Parliamentarian, Strategic Planning Facilitator, Board of Directors Trainer, Training Specialist and Professional Speaker.

As a Professional Parliamentarian, I can help assure that your convention, membership meeting, board meeting, or stockholder meeting is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

As a consultant, I can advise the presiding officer, the organization, and the individual members on the application of parliamentary procedure for the orderly conduct of the business.

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To learn more about Parliamentary Procedure and how it can help your organization be sure to visit my bookstore.

As a parliamentarian, I can assist the organization in any of the following ways:

  • Convention Parliamentarian
  • Bylaws Consultant
  • Bylaws Amendment or Revision Author
  • Advisor to the Officers and Board of Directors
  • Opinion Writing
  • Expert Witness
  • Professional Presiding Officer
  • Trainer in Parliamentary Procedure
  • Presiding Officer Trainer
  • Election Supervision
  • Strategic Problem Solving Consultant

You are always welcome to contact me if you have a need not addressed here or a question regarding my services.


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